Steam Japanese Tofu with Shrimps

Food Ingredients

  • Shelled fresh shrimps10 pieces
  • Japanese Tofu140g
  • Green beans10 pieces
  • Starcha little
  • Delicious soy sauce with good tastea little
  • Shredded gingera little
  • Salta little
  • Cooking wine2 spoons
  • Carrota little


  • 1. Wash up the shrimp and strip out the shelled shrimp, and mix with the cooking wine, shredded ginger, salt, soy sauce and starch uniformly.
  • 2. Cut carrots into slices.
  • 3. Cut the Japanese Tofu into chunks, and then, put the carrot on the same.
  • 4. Then, put the shelled shrimp.
  • 5. Put in the steam oven for steaming for 8min.
  • 6. Garnish with the cooked green beans.