Tropical Waffle

Food Ingredients

  • Low gluten flour160g
  • Corn starch40g
  • Egg 150g
  • Sugar 60g
  • Baking powder 4g
  • Butter60g
  • Milk100g
  • Blueberry a little
  • Strawberry3 pieces
  • Mulberry a little

  • 1.Add the sugar into the egg and mix uniformly, and add the milk to mix uniformly.
  • 2.Mix the low gluten flour, corn starch and baking powder and sieve the same into the egg liquid.
  • 3.Add the molten butter, and mix fully and uniformly.
  • 4.Pour the paste mixed uniformly into the waffle mold, and put in the middle layer of oven preheated at 180℃ to bake for 25min.
  • 5.Turn over after taking out from the oven, pour the strawberry jam, and put some fruit on the surface.