French Roasted Silver Cod

Food Ingredients

  • Silver cod1 block
  • Lemon0.5 block
  • Asparagus4 pieces
  • Butter1 block
  • Black pepper sauce1 spoon
  • White pepper1 spoon
  • Olive oil1 spoon
  • Brandy1 spoon
  • Salt1 spoon

  • 1.Unfreeze the silver cod, and drain off.
  • 2. Pickle with brandy and appropriate lemon juice for 15min, then, coat the white pepper powder, black pepper sauce and salt in the front and back, wipe a little olive oil, and package with the preservative film and pickle for 10min.
  • 3.Brush a layer of molten butter on the pickled silver cod.
  • 4.Preheat the oven at 180℃, brush a layer of olive oil on the baking tray, put in the silver cod, and bake the front and back for about 5min.
  • 5.Place in the tray after blanching the asparagus, and disk up the silver cod.