Thick Toast

Food Ingredients

  • Sponge and dough
  • High gluten flour179g
  • Instand dry yeast108g
  • Instand dry yeast3g
  • Main dough
  • High gluten flour77g
  • Salt3g
  • Condensed milk50g
  • Granulated sugar20g
  • Milk10g
  • Butter20g
  • Egg26g

  • 1.Put the yeast of sponge and dough part in the milk to dissolve, then, add the flour to knead uniformly, and put at the warm place to ferment to about 4 times bigger.
  • 2.Tear the fermented sponge and dough into small pieces, and put them together with the raw materials except for butter in the main dough to knead until the gluten extension.
  • 3.Add the butter to knead into the dough capable of pulling into the thin film, and put the same at the warm place to ferment to 2 times bigger.
  • 4.Exhaust the fermented dough, divide it into three parts uniformly, and round and loosen for 15min.
  • 5.Roll the loosened dough and put the same in the toast box to continue the secondary fermentation.
  • 6.Preheat the oven at 180℃, and heat for 35-40min.