Pan-Fried Beef Fillet

Food Ingredients
  • Beef500g
  • Lettuceappropriate amount
  • Edible oilappropriate amount
  • Barbecue sauceappropriate amount
  • Golden mushroomappropriate amount
  • 1.Wash up the beef, and cut into the strips against the stripe.
  • 2. Put in the barbecue sauce, mix until that each beef is coated the barbecue sauce, sealwith the preservative film and put in the refrigerator for refrigeration and pickling.
  • 3. Wash up the golden mushroom, put the same in the boiled water to dip, fish out and flush with cold water for standby.
  • 4. Put the edible oil in the stoker, put in the beef fillet when burning to medium well, turn over the beef fillet while frying, and fry until to discolor and even well done.
  • 5. Pave the lettuce at the bottom of plate, and put in the golden mushroom and beef fillet.